School Workshops

Again I must apologise for a lapse in updates on the website, but here are some more pictures.

Trig, Jim and John have been spreding the knowledge of jujitsu aroung the country in a series of school workshops. They go into school and spend the day with groups of children, throughout the day they give talks and demonstrations about jujitsu and what it means to be a martial artist. the children get to ask questions and learn about the fundamental purpose of martial arts. Hopefuly by the end of the day the children know that jujitsu is actually quite a spiritual pursuit, all about compassion, discipline, honour, courage, personal enlightenment and truth.

Ofcourse, in the interests of avoiding insulting or upsetting anyone at all…. we have removed the identity of any children in the images. Although the ridiculous movember mustaches worn by Trig and Jim may offend!

Looks like Jim has just been thrown by Trig (tomonage)

Even the teachers are getting stuck in!

John and Trig

The thing is… youngsters never miss a trick. “I bet you can’t throw each other without the mats” they said. Sorry Jim.

Come on Trig, let the ladies show you how it’s done.