Manchester Seminar

Sensei Karl Smith honoured us with an enlightening day long training session exploring the finer and somewhat more painful details of jujitsu. The seminar took place on the 22 of january and was held at  the Circle Martial Arts Dojo, a wonderfully well equiped training facility in the center of manchester. The seminar was open to all, and followed up with a few well earned beers afterwards.  All in all a very good day was had by all, everyone had a lot of fun and learned something new. many thanks to Karl for organising the event, and to all those from our club and from other clubs who attended. Looking forward to the next one! More details about the  Circle Martial Arts Dojo can be found at their website: seminar

   The day was long, the battle damaged gis tell the story. Many thanks to Andy for being kind enough to squash 5 sweaty jujitsu-ka in his car and take us all there and back. Cheers pal!       

Preparation for a hard session

Preparation for a hard session

 Comfortably cuddled up to his still damp gi from the traing session on the saturday night before, Jim insists on a few more moments of precious sleep before the inevitably taxing training session ahead.



A pre-training nap

A pre-training nap on route to Manchester


 Trig does the same as he trys to sleep off the hangover from the night before, sunday mornings are always a struggle.



A blurry John

        An out of focus John does his best to look innocent, but the sleeve missing from his gi just gives it away!