Go-Shin Ryu is an all inclusive combat system, and is heavily influenced by Karate. Allthough basic Karate techniques are an essential part of jujitsu, the amount of time available in class to explore deeper into the Karate side is limited. For those who wish to improve their Karate, the instructors at Go-Shin Ryu Jujitsu would highly recomend the Karate Club below; instructors and students of the  jujitsu club train here as often as possible, the tuition is excellent.

Brighouse Traditional Karate Club (BTKC), teaching traditional Shotokan karate from beginner to black belt and beyond. Affiliated to the “United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation” (UKTKF), which is affiliated to the “International Traditional Karate Federation” (ITKF) and “Japanese Karate Association” (JKA)

Training by:- John Lowe 5th DAN and Paul Hutley 4th DAN

DAN grades and international courses by Chief Instructor Sensei Kawasoe 8th DAN


Training times:-

Mondays:                                                                                                                             7.00pm to 9.00 pm

Brighouse High School Small Gymnasium 
Finkill Street
West Yorkshire



Thursdays:                                                                                                                          7.00pm to 8:00pm

Upper Gymnasium                                                                                                                    Rastrick High School                                                                                                    Field Top Road.              Rastrick                                                                                                                                   HD6 3XB




BTKC = http://www.gemitchell.co.uk/btkc/

UKTKF = http://kawasoesensei.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/summary-u-k-t-k-f-championships-2011-%E2%80%93-blackpool/

ITKF = http://www.itkf.org/

JKA = http://www.jka.or.jp/english/e_index.html