Bike Ride

Its a regular gathering of the usual gang for a steady bike ride along the canal, and as usual its decided to rain. Spirits are high and we set off towards Hebden Bridge. Its safe to say we were all longing to be back in our beds but once we were moving we hardly noticed the rain,  A nice comfortably smooth ride along the canal with only a few minor off road (muddy as possible) detours, and then a chip butty and a pint at Hebden Bridge. Then back along the canal stopping at as many pubs as we could find.

 A quick snap of most of the gang before we depart, already soaking wet but determined none the least.




 The three stooges making fools of them selfs (much to the amusement of passers by and the rest of the riding group). From left to right: Spiderman, Batman and Tiger Lilly.



 One of the many ‘pitstops’ required to make it back home. Brave faces ignoring the fact all our bums are as wet as possible!




Soaking wet and covered in mud from head to toe. Great fun! This was taken at the end of the ride, everyone is still managing a smile.



Many thanks to everyone who turned out for the ride, especially considering how foul the weather was. A great day was had by all. A special mention to Alex (Batman), who hasn’t riden a bike for nearly 10 years,. and still managed to keep pace and refused to give up, despite falling off a few times, good bushido!

The next ride is planned for the sunday the 6th of May. Hopefuly everyone can join us. See you soon.