The Halifax Zen Shin Jujitsu club was founded by Sensei Collier (7th dan JuJitsu) originally under the name Go-Shin Ryu. It was first opened to the public in 2005 at North Bridge Leisure Centre, where it still operates today. Since then it has gathered a large number of members who train very hard making the club what it is. Their is a great atmosphere in the club between the students and instructors providing a friendly and welcoming learning environment for complete beginers and experienced practitioners alike.

The club sails under the banner of traditional Jujitsu, which encompasses all aspects of defensive and combat training (striking, blocking, locks, evasions, throws and takedowns), However the training is equally influenced by Karate, Ninjitsu, Aikido, Taijutsu and more. Between all the instructors, and the students there is a great deal of experience in the world of martial arts which is all fed back into the club. Although the club does operate using a syllabus of techniques, the primary focus is learning self defense for survival, therefore we try anything, if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

Halifax Go-Shin Ryu is a non-profit organisation. All of the instructors refuse to accept anything for their time. The club does require funding to run which comes from the mat fees and fundraising events. All monies raised within the club is split and used 3 ways, the first of course is the money needed to hire the rooms used as dojos. The second is kept aside just in case a student becomes injured and requires any medical cost. The third is always a charitable donation, for example, the club often donates to Overgate Hospice and other local or national charities.

Although the club now runs under the name Zen-Shin Jujitsu, our training is still true to the values of the club offering a diverse range of martial arts styles from friendly and supportive instructors.

There are also a number of extra activities run by the members which helps bring the club together as a family, these events include things like, mountain biking, outdoors training (in the snow too), waterfall challenges, runs, cinema trips, meals and occasionally a trip to the pub.